Al​-​CIA​-​da (Single)

by Naakhum



"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism.
Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky

This song is dedicated to all the victims of war and terror from those countries which had the misfortune of becoming targets of the biggest terrorist organizations in the world, such as the CIA and NATO and terrorist-promoting countries such as Saudi Arabia.

In same time, the song was a way to expose some facts about the reality we live in, even if they are politically incorrect, and it was also a way to release some of the anger that causes to see the evil that dominates the world and the ignorance of the population towards it, and towards the truth.
Wake up! Al-CIA-da exists in order to give pretexts to invade, take control and occupy foreign countries and to remove your rights in exchange for false security.


released April 17, 2016




Naakhum Barcelona, Spain

Naakhum is a one-man music project that combines shamanic, ethnic or ambiental sounds and Extreme Metal to form a musical polarity, a representation of the forces of dualism.

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Track Name: Al-CIA-da
Welcome to the real world
Where the public relations have your mind controlled

When the Muslim database was used for a destabilizing goal
Cyclone operation, Kosovo independent, these are some stagings of this dirty role

The CIA trained Al-Qaeda agents in the territory of the USA
A fact that can be researched like the western support to the KLA

Sponsored terrorism in the manipulation media
Radicalization of control run by designed hysteria

Facing the 2001, Afghanistan war
You could ask yourself why a created character would be used then for

When the trendy people don't get that the liberties are being buried in a hole
NATO's aberrations - global cartel legions - owners of the whole narco-state's control

The CIA trained Al-Qaeda agents in the territory of the USA
A fact that can be researched like the origins of ISIS and the FSA
Pretext for endless wars, groundhog day